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    The Sport Performance gym is located at 145 Morrin Rd, Glen Innes, Auckland.

    We provide classes and physical coaching for children from 8-10 years.

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  • Exercise Specialists

    Sport Performance coaches are specialists in developing sport and individualised exercise solutions:

    Injury-free and rehabilitation

    Strength and movement conditioning for water and land-based sports

    Long-term athlete development

  • Sport Performance uses a network of the finest specialists in sport:

    Physiotherapists and sports physicians

    Sports nutrition and message therapy

    Sports podiatry

    Outstanding coaches

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TESTIMONIAL:Lucy Lawless ⋅ Actress:"I am the strongest I have ever been and I now have the confidence to stand up tall and really rock a dress on the red carpet. Training with Jeremy is the best thing I've ever done for myself." TESTIMONIAL:Peter Blow ⋅ Professional tennis coach & current NZ tennis selector"Jeremy's professionalism is second to none. His knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge to young athletes is outstanding. " TESTIMONIAL:Neil Penfold ⋅ Director of Sport, Sacred Heart College"Jeremy has added a superb dimension to our Sports Institute Football program. In every aspect, Jeremy is professional, approachable, accommodating, and his expertise has been well utilised at the school." TESTIMONIAL:David & Tracey Main"We are extremely pleased with Jeremy's land training program and applaud him for the fine work he is doing with our sons, Corey and Bayley Main (Age-group national swimming champions)." TESTIMONIAL:David & Glenys Moss, Parents of Aimee ⋅ (Age-group national swimming champion) " Jeremy is very well qualified in his field and gives both athletes and parents the confidence that he understands what needs to be done and how this can best be achieved." TESTIMONIAL:Paul Wilson ⋅ Emirates Team NZ Physiotherapist & former physiotherapist to the All Blacks "Jeremy's knowledge of sport science and how to transfer its effect to the athlete is top class. " TESTIMONIAL:Marina Erakovic ⋅ Professional tennis player"Jeremy has a keen eye for detail, especially in movement and strength exercise. I really enjoyed the work we did together and it was definitely productive towards my tennis." TESTIMONIAL:Peter McCraw ⋅ Expert in world-class athlete development & former tennis coach of Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic, & Nicole Vaidisov"Jeremy's professional skills, knowledge and experience in tennis conditioning place him at the top of his field. "


Sport & individualised injury prevention

Training for injury prevention involves resolving the small physical deficits (imperfections) that all bodies have.

Even very small deficits increase the risk of an injury because sports and sports training methods tend to overload specific muscles.

Joint stability and muscle balance are the foundation of proper biomechanics so a focus on an injury-free process is essential to raise performance in many skills, such as speed and agility, streamline in swimming, and general motor abilities.

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Sport & individualised assessment & prescription

Strength is a measure of the capacity of the human body to move. All physical capacities and skills are ultimately a function of strength capacity.

Speed on land, speed in the water, resilience (injury-free), balance and coordination all depend fundamentally on the strength of muscles and the manner in which muscles are coordinated (patterns).

Sport Performance provides strength and movement conditioning classes for children from 8-10 years of age, and private strength coaching for children and adults. Contact us for further information.

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Conditioning coaching for children

The greatest achievements in sport all begin in childhood when the mind and body are most impressionable.

Sport Performance provides a structured and stable training environment in which young athletes can develop and extend their performance skills year around. We provide for children from 8-10 years of age and up.

Our ultimate goal is to positively influence self-expectation and responsibility. We have a clear view on what the priorities for young sportsmen and women should be, and you are welcome to read our ideas on long-term athlete development and values in sport.

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